A Note From Laura

Dear all,

As many of you know, it takes a village to build one episode of one independent tv show. And certainly more than one Tuesday.  In fact, it might take 10 years. 

The Laura Flanders Show has been on air for a decade, from GRIT TV in 2008 to its current form. Over those years, a lot of thing have changed: our set, our format, our focus, and even our host's hair. Laura has interviewed forward-thinking people who say there are many alternatives to imperialist, capitalist, and white supremacist eco-apartheid. 

See for yourselves:


10 Years of Building Power Through Media.

In our 10th year, will you become a part of our project? Will you give $10, $100, or $1000 to support media that shines a light on possibility and that is building power, in solidarity with our movements? 

We need you with us.

With love,

Laura Flanders

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