Gaza and Ferguson: Security Forces that Stink - Literally

What do Gaza and Ferguson have in common? Security forces that stink.

I mean it literally.

What do Gaza and Ferguson have in common? Security forces that stink.

I mean it literally.

Thanks to Missouri’s open records law, it has been confirmed that the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is one of a slew of US city police forces to add a new Israeli crowd control spray to their arsenal. The spray, called skunk, is a vile smelling liquid that an Israeli company called Odortec has developed with the help of the Israeli military.

Israel’s so-called Defense Forces have been firing skunk on Palestinians – trying it out -- since 2008. A professor I know who got skunked in Gaza this summer described the smell as a mix of sewage and excrement and rotting flesh – impossible to wash off – even after weeks back home.

An Israeli spokesperson told the BBC it’s a non-lethal non-toxic alternative to bullets and pepper spray. It’s “100 percent eco-friendly” too.”

That doesn’t mean it’s friendly. Human rights groups have videotape of Israeli water cannon soaking fields and farms and homes with skunk.

Now it’s here. Mistral Security, a firm based in Bethesda, sells skunk in fire extinguisher or grenade form, and also in “Bulk Skunk”– “264-gallon barrels to treat large areas in a very short period of time.”

“Applications include, but are not limited to, border crossings, correctional facilities, demonstrations, and sit-ins,” says Mistral.

The stench of all this confirms the thesis of a new book by Jeff Halper, whom I first met two decades ago in the hills above Jerusalem, where he was directing the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Wars between states are largely a thing of the past, he writes in his book War Against the People. What’s needed now are the counter-insurgency weapons and Israel leads the world in those.

For skunk, there is an antidote soap – the St. Louis PD has bought a good amount of it already. But is there an antidote for what Halper calls the globalization of Palestine? That’s what we need.

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