What I Learned From My Mother - Laura Flanders

Dear friends and supporters,

I have been working in independent media for the almost thirty years. This would hardly have been possible without the people who have inspired me, or without the support of viewers like you. 

Like you, perhaps, the coming Mother’s Day holiday has me thinking about my mother.

Some of you who have read my work or watched The Laura Flanders Show have connected me to the men in my family: radical journalist Claud Cockburn (my grandfather), or even my father Michael Flanders (of the performing duo Flanders and Swann.) What you may not know is that I trace my most invaluable skills, the ones I’ve come to lean on time and time again, to the female side of my family.

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My grandmother, Iowa City-born Hope, raised a child, mostly alone, as an artist and journalist in the 1930s. My mom, Claudia, worked with people with disabilities to expand mobility and transport access for all.

It was Claudia who taught me to invite everyone to the table and to take care that everyone speak and be heard; she who kept our house full of all sorts of people, all of them feeling welcomed and at-home.

My mission -- to uplift marginalized voices -- echoes the missions of those women: do what you believe is right, bring people together; listen, especially to the quietest voice. This is what we try to do every week on the Laura Flanders Show and what you make possible through watching, sharing, and crucially, through your contributions.

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And yes, we know. Mother’s Day was inspired by peace-seeking women, mourning soldiers killed in the US Civil War (not Hallmark).  For them or your own moms, celebrate all those who mother our best selves and work for peace with justice today.


Laura Flanders

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