Notes on Charlottesville

Dear friends and allies, I am watching the news and considering this moment.

We need all the love we can muster to combat so much hate. I pledge to express more love.

We need brave visionaries in governance. I pledge that The Laura Flanders Show will continue to find and celebrate them.

We need local justice-makers, defenders of the oppressed, and we need them funded. Help us find and publicize them.

Yesterday we were normalizing nuclear war: (just don't condition your hair we were telling the people of Guam). Today it's Nazis. Fascism is not "alt-right", it's fascism. I promise to keep featuring truth-tellers and stand-takers. Name yours.

We are living in an age of bullying vs beloved community. At the municipal level (push-out development and policing for the powerful) as well as at the national, global, environmental and political levels, we're dominated by bullies and dominators, patriarchs, profiteers and white supremacists. We need bully-defusers, bully defeaters, ways to stop bully-recruitment and build loving community right now. Tell me yours.

Silence = Death. Again. We will stand up and stand in the light of our values and the heat of our fierce love.

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