Putin's alleged crimes are a distraction from the GOP's real ones

Two months into the first Trump term, top Democrats and the money media seem obsessed with the administration’s putative ties to Vladimir Putin.

And here was I, thinking the White House ties to mad misogynists and the KKK were going to be their problem!

Two Trump staffers have already been dropped for having conversations with Russians, rather than being utterly unqualified — and Jeff Sessions was under scrutiny for lying in his confirmation hearing. Perjury’s bad, but being a pathological racist, redbaiter, xenophobe and opponent of the Voting Rights Act should have been more than enough to disqualify anyone from becoming Attorney General.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s compared alleged Russian hacking to 9–11 and Pearl Harbor, even though, as he himself told NBC the other day, there’s no actual evidence. He wants Congress to go looking for it. That’ll set a good precedent.

The Obama administration, concerned about Russian meddling in our politics, seems to have done everything it could to green light the leaking of secret intell which should be a scandal in and of itself, unless we think that using national intelligence for political purposes as a ok as long as they’re the “right” political purposes.

Just about everyone has a stake in keeping the obsession going. Everyone that is, except for we — the public. Hillary Clinton supporters get to blame Putin for her defeat in November. Democrats get to put off considering what else- apart from Russians might have swung the election. Trump keeps the focus on himself –his favorite thing — and the Republicans? For as long as the public and our media are pondering possible Putin crimes, the longer we’re distracted from the all too real crimes coming down the pike against sanity, ecology, and civil society thanks to new GOP laws and practice.


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