Supervising Producer: The Laura Flanders Show


Supervising Producer: The Laura Flanders Show
FT 45-65k (depending on experience)

The Supervising Producer oversees the weekly production of podcast, social media, and engagement teams while working closely with EP on show development. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in producing content for television and a successful track record of booking hard-to-get guests on deadline. Candidates need strong familiarity with economic, social and cultural issue areas relevant to the program as well as some familiarity with Flanders’ work. The candidate is well organized, capable of designing and implementing an efficient workflow and overseeing a small team of editors, permalancers, videographers as well as social media personnel. The SP has demonstrated experience in video production with original stories and unique angles. Also needed, advanced skills in researching and preparing in-depth interview segments. The SP should be a self-starter familiar with working in the interview format and in the non-profit world. This position reports directly to Executive Producer, Laura Flanders.


Duties include:

  • Content development: Pitch, pursue, and identify guests with a healthy quotient of headline ("name") guests and others within agreed parameters and interest areas of program
  • Book such segments and guests
  • Daily check-in with Senior Editor/Producer on progression of show post-production
  • Prepare host with all relevant research and pre-interview materials including draft introductions and continuity texts
  • Oversee production and post-production of full length (25min) program for TV as well as promotional and social media shorts as required
  • Update staff calendars and schedules in timely fashion securing staff for production within agreed upon budget and overseeing shoots (Includes but is not limited to once monthly in-studio shoot)
  • Hires and fires production staff (in consultation with EP)
  • Oversees post production, monitoring editing and motion graphics staff for consistency and appearance
  • Collaborates actively with engagement director to increase audience and reach
  • Serves as liaison between key partners, YouTube, Link TV, FSTV, MNN and other distributors. Works with promotions staff to increase audience and distribution of program
  • Program development-- as resources permit, the SP may develop new content, including field-produced pieces and events etc. in line with show priorities
  • Operates in transparent and collaborative fashion, sharing guest contact information and growing organizational reach and alliances of program



Education: Bachelors
Work Experience: 5+ years in production
Deep familiarity with contemporary social and economic justice movements issues
Proven track record of producing original digital content with unique and creative angles on deadline
Non-Technical Skills: Strong writing and organizational skills
Excellent communication and ability to work closely with others
Strong editorial judgment
Strong creativity and leadership skills

Deadline: 09/04/17

Please email your resume, a letter making your case, and a link to your reel or comparable work illustrating your talents. Email:

This is a full time position based in New York, at Chelsea office with some flexibility.

Competitive non-profit salary and benefits (for full time). Laura Flanders Limited is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, people of color, LGBTQ persons and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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