What Does it Mean to Raise the Floor?


"In this particular moment, where we see that union density is on the decline, and we see that this culture of fear is permeating every workplace, we need organization that can hold space for the trauma that workers are experiencing and we need organizations to have the kind of slack that's required to test new membership models and to test new organizing campaigns..."

- Sophia Zaman, Executive Director of the Raise the Floor Alliance on this week's show.


A united voice, Raise the Floor Alliance was founded by eight Chicago area worker centers. Worker centers help organize and provide support to communities of low wage workers who are not already members of a collective bargaining organization or have been legally excluded from coverage by U.S. labor laws.

The mission of Raise the Floor Alliance (RTF) is to ensure that low-wage workers have access to quality jobs and are empowered to uphold and improve workplace standards. RTF achieves its mission by providing research, communications and legal support for efforts to win public and private policy changes that raise the floor for all workers. Both an alliance and a support center, RTF brings area worker centers together into a collective voice for economic policies that foster permanent, full-time family-supporting work.

Read more about Raise the Floor Alliance here.



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